March 2, 2022 – A&D Pharma – Dr. Max Group stands in solidarity with the Romanian Red Cross initiative to support the Ukrainian civilian population and donates 150.000 euros which will be distributed according to the most urgent needs, from medical supplies needed to Ukrainian hospitals, to basic products.

The humanitarian approach is part of an initiative launched at company level and aims to support in real time the efforts of the Romanian Red Cross, through a consolidated effort.

“This is a humanitarian crisis and it is now important to be with people. Those caught in the middle of these events need to be supported and protected. Caring for people is the main mission of the Dr. Max brand and that is why we support the Romanian Red Cross initiative to help the Ukrainian civilian population” – Cezar Zaharia, CEO Of A&D Pharma – Dr. Max Group.

The Red Cross is constantly working with international authorities and NGOs, so it will adapt the expenditures according to their needs, in order to meet current needs.

The amount donated by A&D Pharma - Dr. Max Group will be distributed by the Romanian Red Cross, mainly for the purchase of medicines and sanitary products, hard perishable food and other urgent needs.

In order to support the Ukrainian citizens affected by the war, the Romanian Red Cross provides human and logistical support in the accommodation spaces provided by the state authorities, in the marshaling points and provides basic first aid, psycho-social support and services to restore family ties.

“In this period of tension and unrest, our priority is to help the Ukrainian citizens who arrive on the territory of Romania, but also the Ukrainian population who remained in the country. People caught up in these events must be supported and protected. Their lives depend on the involvement of kind people and institutions that can help them. We thank A&D Pharma - Dr. Max Group for the prompt response and for their involvement in such a short time.”, said Ioan-Silviu Lefter, General Manager of the Romanian Red Cross.

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