Dr. Max reports 20% revenue growth, continues EU market expansion

In the ranking of market leaders in the European pharmaceutical sector, Dr. Max Group has solidified its position as the second largest pharmacy network on the continent, recording an annual growth of 20%, with revenues of 4.6 billion euros in 2023. The figures underscore the brand's growing presence and popularity among consumers, through successful expansion into various European markets, including the Czech Republic, Romania, Slovakia, Poland, Serbia, and Italy.

Dr. Max's growth strategy highlights a significant expansion in the European and Romanian markets, through operational expansion measures and innovations in the supply chain:

  • With an operational presence in 17 European countries and nearly 3,000 pharmacies in six main markets (Czech Republic, Romania, Slovakia, Poland, Serbia, and Italy), Dr. Max stands out with a vast team of 20.000 professionals and a loyalty program with over 10.6 million active members;
  • The pharmacy network expanded in 2023, with over 600 new locations in the main markets, and the strategic acquisition of Neo Apotek S.p.A in Italy in 2023, propelling the company to the second spot in the ranking of the largest pharmacy networks in Italy;
  • In Romania, Dr. Max recorded a 31% increase in consolidated business (over 8.7 billion RON) compared to 2022, continuing the implementation of innovative solutions, such as Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR) in Mogoșoaia, an initiative awarded the "Supply Chain Excellence Award 2023" for excellence in the pharmaceutical supply chain.

Dr. Max entered the Romanian market in 2017 following the acquisition of Arta pharmacies, and in 2018, it acquired the A&D Pharma group. In 2020, the Dr. Max brand was launched with the promise of offering affordable prices and high-quality services and products to patients in Romania. Currently, in Romania, Dr. Max owns the largest drug distributor, Mediplus division, and over 950 pharmacies across the country, managing to gain the trust of over 4.5 million Romanians who currently benefit from the advantages of the Dr. Max loyalty program as well as over 4000 independent pharmacies, private and public hospitals.

"At Dr. Max Romania, we prioritize a deep commitment to caring for people, which is the foundation of our success. We are dedicated to maintaining the same attention and responsibility in all our activities, ensuring that each patient benefits from the services and products they need", stated Cezar Zaharia, CEO of Dr. Max Romania.

In all the countries where Dr. Max is present, the company shares the same goal: to contribute to improving patient health by offering an extensive range of pharmaceutical products and services. Dr. Max is a modern brand, courageous in innovation and committed to raising industry standards to provide effective solutions for a healthy life, with quality products at affordable prices.

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