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Dr. Max Romania is one of the largest pharmaceutical groups in the country and is the company where passion, creativity, and perseverance lead you to success.

We offer you a collaborative and dynamic environment where you can grow alongside successful teams, and where you determine the extent of the impact you can make!  

If you share the same values: responsibility, courage, care, and customer centric, we look forward to welcoming you to our team.

Competitive salary
Pleasant work
development opportunities
"Here is the place where I have built my professional path step by step over the past 20 years. Dr. Max Romania embodies the definition that I could attribute to the concept of a strong organizational culture, with a balance between professional and personal aspects, effective communication, transparency, and autonomy.“ – Gheorghe, Senior Sales Representative
"I am proud to be part of a company where I can grow, where people offer support, and I am happy that here I am given the opportunity, through the evolving actions, to blend my professional work with my hobbies.“ – Monica, Junior Accountant
"Dr. Max Romania is my second family. Here I have made friends, I have grown, and I feel that I can contribute to the health of patients in Romania.“ – Mihai, Warehouse Coordinator
"Dr. Max Romania represents a part of my family and an important part of my life. I am surrounded by extraordinary people, true professionals, and this inspires and motivates me to embrace new opportunities and challenges. I feel proud to be a part of a company that is based on ethical principles, cares about the development of its employees, and is characterized by solidarity and a competitive spirit.“ – Atena, Area Manager
"In over 19 years of work, I have continuously learned and found professional and personal satisfaction here. Stability, growth opportunities, and dynamism are the words that, from my perspective, best describe Dr. Max Romania.“ – Raul, Regional Manager
"The organization is much more than the pharmacy I work at, it is my second family. When I started working here, I was 23 years old, and this year marks 20 years since I joined this team of wonderful people. I am happy to be able to contribute every day, alongside my colleagues, to the health of patients in Romania.“ – Daniela, Pharmacist Manager
"For me, the company represents more than just a place where I carry out my professional work. It is the place where I do good every day, where I learn to become better in every aspect. I have been working in the company for over 12 years, and I believe that the three words that define it are: fairness, safety, and development.“ – Aurelia, Pharmacist Assistant
"Dr. Max Romania represents the best opportunity for me to continuously explore new horizons of development. I have had the chance to grow within the company, and today I am delighted that I can cultivate my curiosity for technology and innovation while maintaining a connection with the teams in pharmacies, from my position as a Project Manager.“ – Alexandra, Project Manager

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