The concept of Dr. Max Hyper-pharmacy enters the Bucharest market

March 25, 2022 – Starting this spring, Dr. Max launches the first two Hyper-pharmacies in Bucharest, in the Veranda Mall, starting March 25th, and Mega Mall, starting April 15th. The concept of hyper-pharmacy is unique in the Dr. Max Group, and Romania is the first market where it was launched, for the first time in Central and Eastern Europe. Tens of thousands of Romanians have already enjoyed the new concept of Hyper-pharmacy in Iași, Timișoara, Oradea, Craiova and Ploiești.

Dr. Max Hyper-pharmacy is where patients benefit from an extensive range of affordable products that address to the needs of patients with chronic conditions, seniors and young mothers. Also, the concept of Hyper-pharmacy comes to the attention of customers who are concerned about health prevention, but also to those who are looking for beauty products and well-being products. The experience is complemented by the support of well-trained pharmacists and consultants who are available to offer patients advice and recommendations.

“We are glad that the new concept of Hyper-pharmacy Dr. Max is the place where customers feel it is worth stopping for a complete shopping experience, with a wide range of products for health, care and beauty. Through this concept, we aim to anticipate all stages of a “customer-journey” at the highest standards, from varied and accessible offers, to space aspects, a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere, to the professional support offered by our pharmacists and consultants. In order to make the benefits of this new concept available to as many patients as possible, in the coming period, we will continue to expand Dr. Max Hyper-pharmacies nationwide.” – Cezar Zaharia, CEO Of A&D Pharma - Dr. Max Group

In the Dr. Max Hyper-pharmacies patients can find over 12000 products arranged in six dedicated areas: The area for medicines, including compensated and free ones, vitamins & minerals, dermato-cosmetics, cosmetics and personal care, products for mother & child, medical devices and apparatus, and the healthy food area.

Dr. Max Hyper-pharmacy provides patients with numerous cash registers to reduce waiting time: cash registers dedicated to recipes, including compensated and free ones, from any health insurance house in the country, self-service homes, where you scan and pay for yourself, and houses with assisted payment service.

Dr. Max offers easy access to health products in over 650 proximity pharmacies, in 7 Hyper-pharmacies, but also through the E-shop with home delivery or pick-up from any Dr. Max pharmacy.

Dr. Max is also present in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Serbia and Italy and has the same objective of contributing to improving the health of patients by offering an extensive range of medicines and pharmaceutical services. Dr. Max is a modern brand that has the courage to innovate and constantly raise industry standards in order to provide the most effective solutions for a healthy life with quality products at affordable prices.

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